Meet The Investors

Becoming a Program Champion

I am a strong believer in the importance of STEM education in the classroom and the importance of making connections to potential career paths for students.

Meet the Investors: SunTrust

Support the teachers, leaders, and administrators of the Wake County Public School System in providing a world class education to prepare our children for today’s global economy and future career opportunities

Meet Our Investors: BASF

In 2050, more than nine billion people will live on our planet. The world population and its demands will keep growing, while the planet’s resources are finite. If nothing changes, we will need the resources of almost three of our planets to meet the demands of the population – a huge global challenge. BASF creates …

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Why PwC Invests in WakeEd

I have been very fortunate to be part of the WakeEd Partnership over the past seven years, first as a volunteer and now as a member of the board. Providing opportunities in education is a true passion of mine as well as our partners and staff at PwC. In the past year, PwC Carolinas partners …

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