WakeEd Partnership Elects Angela Connor to Board of Directors

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February 18, 2021

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WakeEd Partnership Elects Angela Connor to Board of Directors

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RALEIGH, N.C. — WakeEd Partnership (WakeEd), a business-backed nonprofit organization that supports public schools in Wake County, announced today that Angela Connor, Founder and CEO of Change Agent Communications, has been elected to its Board of Directors. Her 3-year term begins today.

Connor is the Founder and CEO of Change Agent Communications, a boutique PR and Strategic Communications firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, that helps organizations navigate change and communicate when the stakes are high and when they have stories to tell.

She’s a veteran journalist, author of “18 Rules of Community Engagement: A Guide for Building Relationships and Connecting with Customers Online,” and very recently launched a new consulting practice within her firm and an accompanying podcast called “Now Look Inward,” which she characterizes as a challenge to Corporate America to sweep around its own front door, get its house in order and make Black voices and contributions matter throughout the organization.

“Angela is one of our area’s most dynamic and engaged leaders who cares deeply about public education and we’re very excited to have her join our Board of Directors,” said Keith Poston, President of WakeEd Partnership. “I’ve admired Angela’s work for some time, especially in lifting up the voices of women and persons of color, and I know she’ll be a valuable addition to WakeEd Partnership.”

In 2019 Angela launched the inaugural Women Inspiring Women Conference and earlier this year opened Triangle Podcast Studio to serve the business and creative community in the region. Her Women Inspiring Women Weekly Newsletter is considered a “must read” by loyal subscribers who find inspiration, mentorship and a sense of belonging in the growing network of professional women Angela nurtures both offline and online.

At home in newsrooms and boardrooms, Angela spent 16 years at news organizations including NBC affiliates in Cleveland, Tampa, Miami, West Palm Beach and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale before moving to the agency world where she led paid media, social media, digital and analytics teams at global agencies as an Executive Vice President.

Angela was an early navigator of the uncharted waters of social media, developing policies, strategies and award-winning campaigns for brands in the B2B and B2C space across a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, technology, financial services and higher education. and led the social media strategy for the White House Council of Community Solutions under President Barack Obama’s administration. She’s a Triangle Business Journal 40 Under 40 Leadership Award Recipient, serves on several boards including the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and Elon University’s School of Communications and has two daughters, whom she says she is raising to be phenomenal women.

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About WakeEd Partnership 
WakeEd Partnership is an independent, nonprofit organization composed of business and community leaders committed to improving public education. Since 1983, the Partnership has advocated for excellent educational opportunities for all students in the Wake County Public School System. For more information, please visit www.WakeEd.org.

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