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SummerSTEM Day Five: Wrapping it All Up

Takeaways were numerous when discussed today, and several themes stood out during reflection. The message from businesses during immersion days was a desire for both businesses and schools to form partnerships.

SummerSTEM Day Four: Tapping Into the Grid

What is “the grid”? While we talk about “the grid” all the time, and hear about it in the news, we are often unaware of the true meaning. During one SummerSTEM group’s day two of immersion, which I was able to join, educators teamed up with ABB to learn more.

SummerSTEM Day Three: Chasing Learning

Circuits, and 3D printers, and pharmaceuticals, oh my! Today, SummerSTEM partnered with Wake Technical Community College to understand more about some of the careers for which Wake Tech helps prepare students.

SummerSTEM Day One: What\’s Your Why?

What’s your why? This question is of vital importance in the education sphere and arguably in every business and industry. It drives every teacher and every student, whether known or unknown.

A-maize-ing PBL at Weatherstone Elementary School

While participating in WakeEd\’s SummerSTEM program, Mrs. Sautro and Mrs. Rhyne from Weatherstone Elementary School were embedded in leading STEM companies and received coaching in the implementation of project-based learning.

How Preschool Education Determines College and Career Readiness

By Lane Tomey | Career Development Coordinator, Apex Friendship High School The NC State University Institute for Emerging Issues addressed a lack of preschool education as its 2017 “emerging issue” and convened a group of stakeholders to research, discuss, and recommend solutions. At “Kidonomics,” the 2018 Emerging Issues Forum held in early February, panels spanned …

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