Wake Tech University Partnerships Open Doors to Educational Opportunities

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Wake Tech University Partnerships Open Doors to Educational Opportunities

By Dr. Scott Ralls | President, Wake Tech Community College

In Wake County, 25% of public high school graduates will attend Wake Tech within the first year after their graduation. There are lots of reasons for that, but perhaps one of the most compelling is the strong connection Wake Tech has with the Wake County Public School System and with numerous four-year university partners.

That connection provides North Carolina high school students with a wealth of opportunities at Wake Tech. Through the Career and College Promise (CCP) Program, students can attend community college classes tuition-free while still in high school and graduate with transferrable college credits. A student who successfully completes coursework in a Career and Technical CCP pathway, for example, could apply those credits toward a two-year degree at Wake Tech, and earn valuable credentials along the way. Shortening the path to college graduation can also significantly lower costs.

Traditional university transfer programs are available through North Carolina’s Community College System. A statewide “articulation” agreement makes it possible for a student to pursue a two-year degree at a community college – including both general education and pre-major coursework – and then transfer the credits earned to a UNC System institution or to one of our state’s private, independent colleges or universities.

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Through its many university partnerships, students in all Wake Tech programs – career programs as well as traditional university transfer – have opportunities to earn a baccalaureate degree.

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And there is another facet of university transfer options available at Wake Tech. All Associate in Applied Science degree programs (called Career Programs) also transfer to four-year institutions under specifically outlined agreements. For some programs, such as Nursing and Early Childhood Education, those agreements are statewide. Others – Information Technology, Engineering Technology, Business, and Trades, to name a few – transfer under collaborative agreements that Wake Tech has established with individual university partners throughout North Carolina. Career Programs at Wake Tech allow students to gain marketable knowledge and skills, enter the workplace, and then, through these partnership agreements, go on to earn a baccalaureate degree.

These career program partnerships include East Carolina University, where the Bachelor of Industrial Technology (BSIT) program allows students to transfer applied engineering and trade degree credits and complete most of the baccalaureate program options online. Wake Tech’s Information Technology programs – Computer Programming, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Business Analytics and more – transfer to university partners such as UNC-Charlotte, North Carolina A&T State University, North Carolina Central University, and Northeastern University. Our Business Administration, Accounting, and Criminal Justice programs transfer to several UNC System universities as well as to local private institutions such as William Peace University and North Carolina Wesleyan College. 

To make all of these connections, the college is engaged with stakeholders throughout the community – the Wake County Public School System, partner universities and colleges, and local employers. This collaborative perspective ensures that students are gaining the knowledge and skills to get good jobs after they graduate, while offering opportunities to further their education.

Learn more about Wake Tech transfer opportunities here.


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