Intern Profile: Nancy Merritt


My family has lived in Chapel Hill for generations, so I was born and raised a Tar Heel. Although I have learned to love the Wolfpack, it’s true that I owe the University of Chapel Hill credit for my start. In high school, I worked at their unique and equally wonderful university bookstore, The Bull’s Head Bookshop, where I was able to share my love of reading (and my organizational savvy) with the university community. In exchange, they gave me confidence, professional experience, and a literary education that could not be obtained in any classroom.

When I stumbled upon Meredith College during my senior year of high school, I knew instantly that I wouldn’t find a better fit. An admissions counselor came to speak at my school. I called my mom. We visited that weekend and I applied early admission. Four years later, I’m getting ready to graduate and have absolutely no regrets – I am a Meredith Angel through and through. During my sophomore year I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Italy, and I believe that my experiences that semester have influenced much of who I am today. Nothing builds confidence quite like bargaining at a market, on day one, when you know exactly six words in Italian.

Last year, I was lucky enough to find a position at Raleigh’s own Quail Ridge Books, so you can find me spending my nights and weekends recommending books and chatting with parents, educators, and children in the kids department. Last summer, I organized a Teen Advisory Board for the store, so that Raleigh-area teens could take part in building an improved Young Adult section for the store. We are now at full capacity, with 25 teens, and we are having a blast corresponding with publishers, organizing author events, and creating displays for the store. You could say that this job led me to the WakeEd Partnership. Over the last year and a half, I have met educators and students from all over Wake County and they are by far some of the best people I have ever met. I am so glad to have found an internship where I have the opportunity to give back to this great community.

I am pursuing a major in mass communication as well as minors in professional writing and animal science. This unusual combination has bewildered academic advisors, professors, family, friends, and random passersby, but the only explanation they need is one look at my résumé. My hope was to incorporate my interests in youth education, public relations, and horses into my future career. As these interests developed, I found volunteer and internship opportunities with The American Morgan Horse Association, writing for their nationally published magazine and implementing new youth programs. Although there are no horses here at the WakeEd office (imagine the mess), I know that my goals are a perfect fit for this organization!

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