Intern Profile – Miranda Mitchell


When people ask me where I am from I usually say Hillsborough, but really I am from a tiny town north of Hillsborough called Hurdle Mills.

I am a middle child with one older brother and one younger brother. Even though I always did what I wanted, I was always influenced in some way by my brothers. Whether it was wanting to play ball with them, or watch cartoons, even though I was never really interested. My father runs a very successful construction business — O.C. Mitchell Jr. Inc — in Durham, NC. All of my family works there, including my mother, grandfather, and both of my brothers. I decided freshman year of high school that I did not want to work there and prefered to go out and do my own thing.

I am currently in school at Meredith College and I will be graduating in May of 2016. I will be graduating with a degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Marketing. I would call myself crafty in a way. I love to decorate and make things and that has influenced me to want to work with an event management company. Eventually, I would love to start my own event management company. I want to be able to create new things and come up with new ideas in the events industry. Watching my father run a successful business, I believe he has influenced me to run my own business in the future.

When looking for internships last spring I ran across WakeEd on career link. Not knowing much about WakeEd I decided not to apply. When I started talking to one of my good friends she told me she interned at WakeEd and loved every moment she was here. I wanted to have an internship where I could learn and gain more knowledge. Having never worked with a nonprofit before, I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity. For the short time I have been at Wake Education Partnership I have learned so much and I am so excited to see what else I am going to learn here at WakeEd!

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