State Budget Update

The conferees working on the state budget have agreed on the amount they will spend: $21.74 billion.

\"stateThis is $265 million more than the budget passed by the Senate, and $420 million less than the budget passed by the House.

The House budget funded Driver Education and maintained funding for teaching assistants.

If the agreement is that there will be $420 million less than that House budget proposed, then there will be cuts.


Will it be in Driver Education?  Teaching Assistants?  State employee raises?  Pre-K classrooms?

If you haven’t reached out to members of the Wake delegation serving as conferees, you’re running out of time.

                 Wake Delegation – Budget Conferees

 House of Representative                          Senate

          Nelson Dollar, Senior Chair               John Alexander

          Marilyn Avila, Vice Chair                   Chad Barefoot

          Chris Malone, Vice Chair                   Tamara Barringer

          Darren Jackson

          Duane Hall

          Brig. Gen. Gary Pendleton

          Paul Stam

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