WakeEd Board Adopts Resolution Supporting the WCPSS Bond Referendum

The Board of Directors of WakeEd Partnership through its President, Steve Parrott, today announces the adoption of a Resolution in support of the Bond Referendum on the November 2018 election ballot.
Press Release
Board Resolution
WCPSS Return on Investment

WakeEd is pleased to the support the $548 million dollar bond, which will be used for renovating existing and building new schools over the next two years. This money is an important investment in our students and teachers as well as our county\’s infrastructure.

Every dollar spent on school renovation and construction in Wake County results in $2.23 in local spending, according to a December 2015 study, \”The Economic Impact of the Wake County Public School System\” by NC State Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Economics Michael Walden, PhD.

That study also reported that every $1 million spent by the WCPSS capital budget results in 9.6 Wake County jobs.

In addition, each recent WCPSS graduating class generates between $1.429 billion and $1.617 billion in lifetime income (in 2015 dollars), and according to news released last week, WCPSS graduated 89.1 percent of its high school students on time in 2018, which was the fifth consecutive year of increasing graduation rates.

Renovating and building schools is an investment in our community that has a multiplier effect on our local economy, and coupled with its strong support for public education the Board of WakeEd Partnership is proud to support this bond referendum on Nov. 6.

Learn more at https://www.yesforwakeschools.com/.

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