Investor Spotlight: Martin Marietta

By: Ward Nye | Chairman, President and CEO, Martin Marietta

\"MartinAs a leading provider of natural resource-based building materials, Martin Marietta provides the foundation upon which our communities improve and grow. We supply aggregates and other heavy-building resources needed for the construction of roads, sidewalks, schools and buildings while also being a responsible and caring neighbor in each of the more than 400 communities across the United States in which we live and operate. Indeed, Martin Marietta’s commitment to community well-being is what led to our support of WakeEd Partnership.

Undeniably, education is a critical building block in any community foundation. Highly effective teachers equipped with the skills and technology needed to optimally develop our students into future leaders, engaged business civic-minded people and a well-informed citizenry are necessary for community improvement and growth. WakeEd promotes this mission in the Wake County community and Martin Marietta is proud to partner in its efforts.

Investment in Education is Mutually Beneficial

Investment in innovative education prepares today’s students for tomorrow’s complex and dynamic workplace.  Students must possess an array of skills, many of which are best learned through direct observation and interaction, as they prepare to enter the workforce.  Teachers need tools and resources that enable them to collaborate with students and parents, while employers need ways to identify talent within their communities and develop their workforce.  WakeEd meets these needs by connecting employers with educators to provide innovative learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

Martin Marietta has observed firsthand the importance of partnerships between local business and educators.  Workforce development is critical to our continued success as we operate in an industry that requires not only physical work and vast technical acumen, but also business, financial, legal, human resources and strategic expertise.  At Martin Marietta, we are proud of what we do and our network of operations serve double-duty as outdoor classrooms and recruitment centers.  For example, we frequently host quarry tours for students and teachers from all education levels. During these events, we help visitors better understand the vital role our materials play in their lives and the local economy and offer detailed lessons in earth science, geology and other aspects of the STEM curriculum.  Beyond these tours, we work directly with high school and college educators to provide students with alternatives to traditional classroom learning and the hands-on experience needed to succeed, not just at Martin Marietta, but at other companies across a host of industries.

Committed to our Communities

Martin Marietta is proud to supply the resources needed to build and improve our roads, sidewalks, schools and buildings and we remain committed to supporting the communities that are home to our operations and our nearly 9,000 employees spanning 27 states, Canada and the Caribbean.  That said, we particularly look forward to our continued partnership with WakeEd as we build a stronger community through high-quality, innovative educational and leadership opportunities.

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