Teacher Raises Reality in Local Supplement Increase

The NC legislature approved and passed a budget in September that provided all teachers with a $750 increase in salary and a one-step advancement on the teacher pay schedule.

But back in June, the Wake County Commissioners approved a budget that provided an additional $44.6 million.  Supt. Merrill specifically requested funds to increase teacher pay in WCPSS.  Any increase could not be realized until the district had a final budget, which couldn’t happen until the legislature adopted a state budget.

According to a presentation to the Board of Education on last Tuesday evening by Chief Operating Officer David Neter, those raises will happen.

Teachers will see an increase in local supplement.  This is a locally-funded percentage of the state base salary added to their salary.  The recommended increase to the supplement is 2.5 percent for regular education teachers and 3.25 percent for special education teachers.  In dollars, the increases range from $875 to $3,202.

In addition to teacher salary increases, support staff will see a 3 percent increase in salary.  Support staff positions include teacher assistants, custodians, bus drivers, bookkeepers, data managers, and cafeteria workers.

Finally, the first increase since 1987 will be made to the extra-duty pay schedule.  Extra-duty pay schedules include academic and athletic roles.

Neter presented the information to the Board of Education and solicited their feedback.  Final review and approval is targeted for October 20.

Maybe, just maybe, the increases – retroactive to July 1 – will appear in paychecks in time for the holiday season.

If so, WakeEd can be the first to refer to a bit of Christmas folklore and say that yes, WCPSS teachers, support staff, and coaches…there is a Santa Claus.

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